The Comparison Game by Torrie Singletary

Have you ever played the comparison game? You know looking at someone else’s life and comparing it to yours? Determining that their life is so much better, and you don’t measure up? I’ve been playing the comparison game for years, and you’d think I would finally win,...

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Cracked, But Not Broken by Daniall Foskey

CRACKED, BUT NOT BROKEN By: Daniall Foskey I am excited to present a blog post from REAL Women Hampton Roads VA Sister Circle Co-Facilitator, Daniall Foskey. You will never complain about being broken, after reading this post. Experience it here and let us know what...

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The Big 5-0 by Rhonda Ragsdale

It’s about 37 days until my 50th birthday, and as each day ticks away and life happens, I wonder what May 11th will bring.  See this is not what I expected 50 to look like.  I’m supposed to be married with some kids around getting ready for college.  But instead, I’m...

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Undone by Sheri Fayton

(Dedicated to ALL of my REAL Women sisters who have walked hand in hand with me through this difficult process). My heart was throbbing with pain; my eyes bloodshot red from the tsunami of tears that violently burst out of them. The non-linear tracks left on my cheeks...

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The Mask by Christina Williams

I am always happy. My life is perfect. I can and will always do everything right. I have never made a mistake. That was my mask....and I had been wearing it for years. I have been wearing it so long that recently I realized that I wasn't 100% sure how to take it off....

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