How social media is affecting our mental health

  Is checking social media the first thing you do in the morning? Do you get anxious if you cannot check your social media accounts throughout the day? Do you spend more time looking at digital screens than you do connect with those around you? If so, a digital detox may be in order! Join […]

Living Authentically

Are you living from your core or are you caught up in the lives of others? Your social media usage is a key indicator of what’s going on internally. Join us on February 20th as we dive deeper into the topic of how social media is affecting our lives. See you in the circle!  

Don’t LOSE You in a Relationship!

Have you ever allowed a relationship (of any kind) to fully consume your sense of self? So much so that you didn't know who you were outside of that relationship? Are you there now or do you want to make sure you never lose YOU inside of a relationship ever again? Let's talk about it. […]

This is My Story

The most powerful narrative you will encounter will not come from a big screen, stage, or even a book. It will come from the manuscript you create inside of you about YOU. Join us for a powerful, candid discussion on the art of storytelling

Living Without Children

  In a world where pregnancy, giving birth, and motherhood is celebrated and often used to define women, how does a woman cope when she doesn’t have children? How does she find her value and significance? How does she respond to the most asked question “Why don’t you have kids?” Whether by choice or by […]

Reality TV

Both Television Executives and Consumers are obsessed with Reality TV. During these shows, we are allowed a glimpse into people's lives and experiences to include their good, bad and ugly. If you could title your life for a reality television show, what would it be? Let's have some fun and learn something about ourselves along […]

REAL Women Rock Virtual Sister Circle


Have you seen a relationship scenario and thought, “Now why in the world would she/he do that?” It’s easy to judge other people’s situations, but how often do we look at who we’re being in relationships? Join us as we take a deep dive into relationship scenarios to uncover our true selves. Meeting ID: […]

Real Women Rock January Virtual Sister Circle


WE'RE BACCKKKK and it's time to CIRCLE UP! Boy, do we have a lot to talk about. Let's start with growing pains, what they are, why we have them, and what we can do about them. To ensure security and privacy, ​there's a password AND a waiting room. Meeting ID: 878 6270 1342 Passcode: […]

Real Women Rock February Virtual Sister Circle


Even if you haven't read the book yet, you don't want to miss this Book Chat on Candice Benbow's book, Red Lip Theology. This book is written for right here and right now! https:// Meeting ID: 883 9714 0136 Passcode: 092862 (Highly Secure Waiting Room)  

Real Women Rock March Virtual Sister Circle


It was so good, we didn’t finish. Join us for Part 2 of this amazing book discussion. Every woman needs to read this book and have this conversation. Even if you haven’t read the book, you will enjoy the dialogue.   All women are welcome and we must talk about this book!   Even if […]

April REAL Women Sister Circle


Okay, the third time is the charm. We will finish up this time, but we had to take our time. It was just that good! Join us for Part 3, the last session of this amazing book discussion. Every woman needs to read this book and have this conversation. Even if you haven’t read the […]

The Power of Play


We know you work. But how often do you play? Do you understand the divine and delicious power of play? Do you even know what you ENJOY doing when it's time to PLAY! Join Dr. Richardson as we work together to discover the power of PLAY and begin to map out your own PPP (Personal […]

Build Good Habits and Break Bad Ones


Would you like to crack the code on how to get consistent at good habits and stop engaging in bad habits? Yep, me too. We have discovered an easy-to-understand guide to help with this, no matter what your goals might be. Join Dr. Trenace Richardson as we discuss the principles found in the book, Atomic […]

REAL Women Fall 2022 Intensive

Holiday Inn Oceanside 21st 2101 Atlantic Avenue, Virginia Beach, VA

REAL Women is elated to invite you to our Fall 2022 Intensive! Do you know yourself? I mean do you REALLY know YOU? Do you realize that there are different pieces of you that make up who you are and depending on what is happening inside of you and around you, a different piece of […]

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