On this journey to wholeness and freedom, I feel a mixture of emotions. It’s uncomfortable, scary, overwhelming, beautiful, humbling, and exciting. So yeah, it’s definitely a wide range of feelings. Being baggage free, cage free, and shame free means that I gotta deal with one of my biggest issues…being alone.

I’m ashamed of being alone, and my job makes it even harder for me. I’m an elementary school teacher. Teaching is the joy of my life, but it can also seem very abusive. It’s a tough job, and there are days when I just don’t feel appreciated or respected.  I walk out of the building with my head down and sometimes I just desire for someone to tell me it’s going to be okay. I just need a hug. I want to sit down to a nice meal at my dinner table and talk to someone about my day so they can offer love and encouragement, but guess what? It’s just me.

Who is gonna pour into me after a challenging day? I think about this often and it’s frustrating, but just when I need to be picked up and loved on…God provides. I am single, but I’m not forgotten and I’m often in need of that reminder. God knows how delicate, fragile, and sensitive I am and I’ve been amazed at how He’s taken care of me in the sweetest ways.

Today was one of those days at work and one of my REAL Women sista friends reached out to me and told me that she had packed up some food for me to take home. I love to eat, and I love even more that I didn’t have to cook, but she offered me something more than food. She extended God’s love to me at just the right time. Through her act of kindness and sharing, God reminded me that He loves me and that He’s here for me. I got the hug I needed this evening all because I’m connected to the most high God who is ALWAYS attentive to my needs. That connection with Him has connected me with others who are a reflection of Him. And because of that…guess what? I’m not alone! You’re not alone! We have each other to lean on and to connect with. We do not have to walk this road by ourselves…ever!

On this journey to wholeness and freedom, God keeps reminding me that I am not alone. He sees me, He hears me, and He has me on His mind.

~Keah Mason

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