I moved a couple of weekends ago from Virginia to Maryland.  As I was packing up the contents of my home, I had many moments where a picture, greeting card, or some other memento caused me to pause for a moment to reflect.  While reflecting, some of those moments made me burst out in laughter.  Some made a huge smile spread across my face and some of those moments made my eyes fill with tears.  All in all, as I sat and reflected….I came to the realization that the broken, wounded, lost woman who walked into that apartment four years ago was not the same woman that was preparing to leave the apartment.

The truth is that I had no clue about who I was when I moved into that apartment in Alexandria, VA in September 2013.  I had been divorced for two years.  I was fresh out of a rebound relationship that had almost killed me.  My oldest daughter and grandbaby were living in PA and I had just dropped my youngest daughter off at college in Miami.  I was a new empty nester and was wandering aimlessly through life simply trying to survive.  But that woman is not the woman who emerged from the apartment two weeks ago.  I have grown.  I have changed.  I am FREE and am no longer a slave to the bondage that held me in chains when I walked into that apartment.  I am whole!  I am light!  I am powerful!  I am authentically ME!  I am a Warrior Princess!!  And my metamorphosis happened in the REAL Women Sister Circle.

I am a firm believer that we grow best in circles.  I have experienced growth sitting in the pews of the church; but I grew exponentially in the REAL Women Sister Circle.  Listen!!  My life has been radically changed because of my participation in the REAL Women Sister Circles.  The women in this circle have loved me unconditionally and have provided a safe place where I can just be.  They have lovingly challenged me to do the soul work necessary to walk in freedom and be the best me that I can be.  They have wiped my tears.  They held my hand and supported me when I lost family members.  They didn’t pass judgment on me when I kept returning to an emotionally abusive relationship but challenged me to love and value myself.  They showed up ready to wreck shop when I was sexually assaulted earlier this year.  They have shared in my joys.  They have encouraged me.  I could go on and on about how my life has been blessed by this circle!!  The bottom line is that they have helped shape me into the woman that I am today.  I walked into that apartment a broken, wounded soul but emerged a powerful, free Warrior Princess.  And I owe that to the REAL Women Sister Circle…

I want to invite you to experience the circle that has radically changed my life.  We currently have sister circles in Prince George’s County, MD and the Hampton Roads area in VA.

Please visit our website at https://realwomenrock.org or contact us via email at info@realwomenrock.org.

You can also connect with us on social media at the following handles:

Facebook: REAL Women Rock

Twitter: @REALWomenRock2

Instagram: @REALWomenRock2

I look forward to seeing you in THE CIRCLE soon!!

~ Neph “The Warrior Princess”

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