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We are thrilled to present the second of a three-part series from our REAL Women CEO and Founder, Dr. Trenace Nikki Richardson. Trenace has declared 2019 a year of new beginnings and unstoppable
abundance for herself personally, for REAL Women, and for everyone connected to her. In this second installation, she gives us a very personal and intimate peek into her own rebirth in the hopes that it moves us to reflect on our own journey from death to life to fully living. Experience it here and share your thoughts by leaving us a comment or emailing us at info@realwomenrock.org.      

That was not the end of me. 

It was the end of me but not the ME I was always meant to BE.
That was the end of the ME who had to.
That was the end of my shadow, my darker, dimmer self.
That was the end of the me who did not acknowledge all of ME. 

But the soulish ME still lives. The spirit ME never felt more alive.
ME weighs less and shines brighter because darkness weighs more than light. 

ME is lighter and LIGHTER!

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ME is in the SUNSHINE basking in the glow of how we shine together.
ME sits in front of the fireplace warmed in body, mind, and spirit…and heart…
My heart is warm.
No longer cold and dead scared to feel, to take risks, to love fully.
My heart is warm enough to be vulnerable and soft enough to feel empathy.


I choose to LIVE this  LIGHT LIFE. 

This lighter life is free of judgment, guilt, and shame
Free of  limitations, both self-imposed and the ones you gifted me
Free of expectations, restrictions, and dogma

I choose to LIVE this LIGHT LIFE.

ME is FREE to worship, to pray, to sing, and to lay prostrate in child’s pose
ME is FREE to protest, to speak up, and to strike a warrior’s stance
ME is FREE to turn over unrighteous tables, to convene unlikely allies,
to lead, to follow, and to flow into a headstand to invigorate my crown chakra.

I choose to LIVE this LIGHT LIFE.

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My LIFE’S Prayer: 
GOD, may I shine a brilliant bright that only reflects YOU
and who YOU created ME to BE.

For I come from LIGHT, I am LIGHT, so I won’t dim my LIGHT.


And this is just the beginning…

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