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We are thrilled to present the first of a three-part series from our REAL Women CEO and Founder, Dr. Trenace Nikki Richardson. Trenace has declared 2019 a year of new beginnings and unstoppable abundance for herself personally, for REAL Women, and for everyone connected to her. In this first installation, she gives us a very personal and intimate peek into her own rebirth in the hopes that it moves us to reflect on our own journey from death to life to fully living.
 Experience it here and share your thoughts by leaving us a comment
or emailing us at info@realwomenrock.org.       

It has taken me a lifetime to get here. To get to this Golgotha.

A lifetime of over-achieving and people-pleasing.
A lifetime of living two lives to appease others and to satiate my shadow self.
A lifetime of dimming my light and minimizing my soul.
Yes, I have accomplished a lifetime of to dos that make others proud or envious.

But my list of undones and what ifs haunt me just as the Past, the Present, & the Future did Ebenezer.

With a lifetime of opportunities gone, what’s left? Nothing.

There is nothing left in this life to live for.  So I die.I die to everything about this lifetime of death.
I die to limitations that make me short and small.
I die to doubts who bully me on the playground of my soul and
steal my milk of dreams and hope.
I die to fears that contaminate my voice and stagnate my living water.
I die to scarcity, lack, and debt; and poverty of mind, spirit, and pocket.
I die to every must, got to, and should.
The me who even acknowledges all of this is dead.

I died of a heart attack. 
My life organ was too heavy laden with worry to beat with a surety.
I was poisoned.
The restrictions of my forefathers and mothers became toxic to my soul.
I died of asphyxiation, not arson.
For my fire was not allowed to burn; it was snuffed out by constricting, conflicting, contradictory standards that even they couldn’t meet.
This me is dead. There is nothing left in this lifetime to live for.

So I willingly lift my arms in surrender.
I graciously cross my legs to await the agony.
I politely lower my head to receive my death crown.It is finished.
Yet, as I lay here in this dark, dank, empty place. As I succumb to my tomb.
All of me now is gone… is cold… is lifeless… is no more.

Yet and still…

I sense. 

I know. 

I intuit…

This is not the end of me. 

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