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I Come from Light.    

I Am Light.

I Won’t Dim My Light.

-From the REAL Women Manifesto

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What People Are Saying

“Dr. Trenace Richardson is the REAL DEAL! What I love about her mission is her gentle yet strong, confident yet humble presence among women. A dynamic and engaging speaker, she has mastered the skill of keeping women committed to the evolutionary process of transformation through sisterhood and service.  Every woman needs a community of REAL WOMEN like this!”

Vikki Johnson

Founder, Soul Wealth Academy

“There has been a need for a platform such as REAL Women for a long time. We, as women, most often keep too much of what bothers us internally. We are fearful, ashamed, embarrassed, distressed, and even more.  We think that if we take the “mask off” it will in someway demean us. REAL Women has even helped me find ME. The women around you become so vested in what’s happening to them that they can relax and be themselves.”

Gloria J.

“Real Women, Real Conversations, Real Thought Provoking. Real women is the place to be for you to have honest and open discussion without fear of judgement. Dr. Richardson is an anointed woman of God who has a heart to reach women where they really are. Her sessions are not church as usual. You walk feeling uplifted, knowing that other women have experienced your issues. She is engaging, fun, and transparent. If you are ready to “Keep it 100,” her sessions are a must. Every time I am able to attend I leave revived. I have attended a lot of conferences, retreats, Bible studies, and church services, I don’t remember most of them. I remember each and every session that I have attended with Dr. Richardson! I think that says it all!”

Etrulia L.

“Ethel M.I recently attended a REAL Women sister circle. The facilitator Trenace Richardon was masterful in the manner in which she set the tone of the sister circle with her transparency and spiritual wisdom. Her “cabinet” of women were supportive, sharing, and very talented. It was my first but certainly, not my last sister circle. The love, openness, sincerity, truth, and honesty were REAL. Seldom does a group of ladies of varying ages experience such a connection of respect and, yes, spirituality in such a short period of time. I left the group more aware of myself and the roles I have found myself playing that I no longer will play. I advise all ladies who are looking for a safe place to work on themselves and remove their “masks” and truly respect who they are to become a part of a RW sister circle.”

Ethel M.


The Comparison Game by Torrie Singletary

Have you ever played the comparison game? You know looking at someone else’s life and comparing it to yours? Determining that their life is so much better, and you don’t measure up? I’ve been playing the comparison game for years, and you’d think I would finally win,...

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What a Difference a Minute Makes by Ashley Gilbert

I am excited to present a blog post from a REAL Women Facilitator and Soul Care Director, Ashley Gilbert. If you have ever tried to do something that seemed impossible, this blog post will inspire you. Experience it here and let us know what you think about it by...

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Cracked, But Not Broken by Daniall Foskey

CRACKED, BUT NOT BROKEN By: Daniall Foskey I am excited to present a blog post from REAL Women Hampton Roads VA Sister Circle Co-Facilitator, Daniall Foskey. You will never complain about being broken, after reading this post. Experience it here and let us know what...

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The Big 5-0 by Rhonda Ragsdale

It’s about 37 days until my 50th birthday, and as each day ticks away and life happens, I wonder what May 11th will bring.  See this is not what I expected 50 to look like.  I’m supposed to be married with some kids around getting ready for college.  But instead, I’m...

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Undone by Sheri Fayton

(Dedicated to ALL of my REAL Women sisters who have walked hand in hand with me through this difficult process). My heart was throbbing with pain; my eyes bloodshot red from the tsunami of tears that violently burst out of them. The non-linear tracks left on my cheeks...

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The Mask by Christina Williams

I am always happy. My life is perfect. I can and will always do everything right. I have never made a mistake. That was my mask....and I had been wearing it for years. I have been wearing it so long that recently I realized that I wasn't 100% sure how to take it off....

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