Keah L. Mason

In your hands, you’re holding something. It’s been a text here and there, a phone call now and then, and if you’re lucky, a little taste of time and affection too. The something has been very minimal and absent of consistency, value, and love. But it’s been something

Not quite qualifying as even an appetizer, it hasn’t provided fullness or any type of subsistence. It’s only been bits and pieces, scraps, leftovers-here and there, now and then, sometimes, maybe. So, you’re still hungry. In fact, you’re starving and extremely malnourished. But you’ve hoarded something for so long and you hold on for dear life. Hoping the something turns into more. You’ve asked God to multiply it and to give you His fullness and abundance. You know He has everything.

But how can you receive what He wants to give you? Your hands are full. You’re not, but your hands are occupied and there’s no room for what God wants you to have. You must release your something. You have to empty your hands of what you’re holding first. But you’re scared of having nothing as you don’t know how long you’ll have to wait for God’s everything. With something, at least you had a snack maybe here and there, but with nothing? What will feed you?

It wasn’t the best diet, but you’ve always thought something was better than going hungry with nothing. You’re afraid of the nothing period. It’s silent there and completely dark. There are no text messages, phone calls, cuddles, hugs, kisses, dates that may have happened, check ins, drive-bys, minimal friendship with maximum benefits in the stage of nothing. It feels like a sea that you’ll drown in. It’s barren, empty, and all the way lonely. With something, at least you saw a little bit of light, maybe once and a while. 
But the stage of nothing is the bridge from something to everything. It’s the middle of the valley and it only feels like nothing. It’s actually your prerequisite to God’s gift of everything. You can’t hold it if your hands are full of the scraps of something you’ve been holding. What happens when you release it and let it go? Even in the state of what may feel like nothing, God will be with you as He ushers you into the blessing of His everything. Empty your hands so that you are free to receive everything God wants to give you.

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